The life of Dame Nellie Melba


Mention the name Melba and everyone seems to know who you are talking about 'Dame Nellie Melba' Australia's first diva that ruled the world stage from 1880 until her death in 1931.

Many books and articles have been published on Melba and through these pages we will endeavour to tell the story of Melba: her younger years; her life as a wife and mother and grandmother; her professional career; her personality and the legacy she has left the world.

Follow the links below to trace the life of Melba:

  1. Brief Biography
  2. Early Years
  3. Marriage and Family
  4. Launching her Career
  5. Australian Concerts 1884-85
  6. Bound for Europe
  7. Brussels Debut
  8. Covent Garden Debut
  9. Paris Debut
  10. Covent Garden's New Star
  11. Europe Conquered
  12. St Petersburg
  13. Triumph and Scandal
  14. La Scala
  15. Scaninavian Tour
  16. American Debut