Melba as Rosina in The Barber of Seville

Dame Nellie Melba

Dame Nellie Melba was the first Australian-born Diva to conquer the opera houses of the world and rule over them for almost 40 years.

Today, the word museum conjures up images of a building, a place where objects are kept, exhibited and studied.

However the Nellie Melba Museum website has is based on the historic meaning of museum - Greek word mouseion, seat of the Muses, a place of study, a library.

This is the first time in the world a site dedicated to Dame Nellie has been established so the website has been designed so more information about this famous Austalian can be added as it comes to light.

We aim to establish this site as the home for all information about Melba, her family, her life, her music and her career.

Because of the importance of this site, Melba's family has been approached and have endorsed the development of this project.

Dame Nellie was an international star who lived and worked in many countries around the world. Anyone who has information about her that is not included on this site, is welcome to contact us at the email address below.

After verification, the information will be added so everyone can learn more about Australia's first famous international star.

Back Blocks Tour 1909

For the next few months we will be travelling in our caravan throughout New South Wales and Queensland visiting the towns Melba performed at during her 1909 Back Blocks Tour. Most people in the country towns had never heard Melba sing but they packed out the local halls and treated her as royalty as she was Australia's own Queen of Song.

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Melba House, Marian Queensland

The story of Melba House.

Hear Melba sing Comin' thro the Rye from an original 78rpm record made in New York in 1913

Special Melba 150th stamp and postmark packMelba's vehicles and cars

Photos and descriptions of Melba's cars